The archetypon of a traditional house

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The archetypon of a traditional house

A typical traditional house of Rhodes follows a very distinctive pattern; a very simple yet effective architecture that is focused on practices that today are considered the epitome of a bioclimatic house. Strong, isolated walls, carefully positioned windows and doors, natural materials and outmost efficiency.

Floor maps of Traditional Rhodian Houses

Every inch of space is carefully assigned to the daily life of the family, securing natural light and fresh air during the day, and keeping warmth during the night. And all this, with the geometry and mathematical precision that characterizes Greek architecture.

At the center point of all the great arch, the “kamara”, an almost perfect semicircle made of stone that holds the ceiling and supports the walls; this is the way to make houses that will last for centuries, as they still stand.

But geometry is everywhere; from the furniture to the carefully artistry exploited to create the elaborate mosaic of the flooring. The more complex the mosaic the higher the status of the family living in the house. Have you ever dreamt of walking daily on a work of art?

A design of a traditional buffetThe restored buffet and the geometry of the floor


Antigone Traditional House, built in 1907, is proudly exhibiting these unique characteristics, fully and carefully restored for many generations to enjoy unique moments, under the safety and hospitality they offer. Will you join us?